FIXED WiFi connection problem in south part of Graechen

The problem with WiFi connection in the south area of Graechen following Thursday power outage was fixed.

Work on server, Tuesday, 28th October, 14:00

Planned work on server on Tuesday, 28th October, between 14 and 15 o'clock. Expected downtime of max 15 minutes.

FIXED, main server problem

In the night from 17th to 18th September, our main server was not fully working. Problem fixed at 8:30, 18. 9. 2008. Apologies on any inconvenience.

FIXED, Service quality problem in Grächen

8:30 to 12:00 - service quality problem fixed. Due to technical problems on Grächen backhaul link there were service quality disruptions. Backhaul provider has fixed this problem by 12:00 Saturday 30th August. Our apologies on this inconvienence.

FIXED, Grächen Network Problem

Problem in northern & Niedergraechen part of network. Expected resolution Friday afternoon. Cause is problematic upgrade of network cell. Our apologies on this inconvienence.